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Kl Supreme Processing Sdn Bhd Management Case Study

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The company that our group interviewed is KL Supreme Processing Sdn Bhd. Our interviewee was Mr Tan Chong Hooi, the managing director of the company. According to Mr. Tan, KL Supreme Processing Sdn Bhd was established 30 years ago. The company is located at Bandar Sri Damansara at an industrial area which address is 5, Persiaran Industri, Sri Damansara Industrial Park, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 52200 ( MalaysiaBizList 2011). KL Supreme Processing Sdn Bhd is a middle size company with 120 workers. It is considered as a primary sector as the company deals with poultry, mainly slaughtering chickens. The main products sold by this company are pre-packed and cut parts of frozen chickens ( MalaysiaBizList 2011). Besides that, the company also provides delivery service of chickens to the consumers if requested.

Workers at KL Supreme Processing Company are divided into admin and operative workers, with 75% foreigners working as operative workers. As we have mentioned above, this company deals with slaughtering chickens; however, due to pressure groups such as Jakim and world issue on animals’ rights, slaughtering chickens now require a certain procedure and hence formalization is high (Animal Rights 2011). Moreover, chicken is a highly demanded good in Malaysia and hence the number of chickens slaughtered per day goes up to 13, 000 and expected more in the future. The need to remember the procedure of slaughtering and handling a large number of chickens everyday creates a team oriented environment for the workers and as a result, they possess the spirit of teamwork as their staff strength.

For the past five years, the turnover rate of KL supreme processing has been less than 2%. Workers who leave the company are operative foreign workers who exceeded the 3 years working contract with the company. This is due to the fact that most foreign workers are satisfied with Mr. Tan’s employment. Moreover, most foreign workers are Philippines or Vietnamese, where their country currencies are much weaker than Malaysia’s. This proved that the wages earned is enough to fulfill their needs and retain them. This will be further discussed in question D, motivation. Admin workers in KL Supreme take up only 30% of the company’s workforce. They are unlikely to quit the job as they have been working for the company since start-up in the 1960s. Moreover, Mr. Tan has built a bond with his admin workers through the way he leads them. This will be further discussed in question C, leadership. In conclusion, KL supreme has a low turnover rate.

The work specialization in KL supreme is high. As we have mentioned above, the large number of chickens slaughtered per day will not be accomplished without advanced technologies. Most process in chicken slaughtering are automated. Operative workers are broken down into teams and are put to different sections of the whole job. (Griffin 2011, p.485). According to KL Supreme,


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