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Web Management Case Study - Interfacing with Customers

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Interfacing With Customers

Muneeb Rasool

Cleary University


There are few things that Brown and BWNS did well in this situation that helped them foresee and recover a potential damaging situation, the following were actions that positively impact the situation, they were able to forestall the outrage through badging. They also received written authorization for keeping the work going on materials and time basis. They also held to the view that customer relationship is important even when the going got harder. They also retrieved some of the accounts receivables, and they documented everything very well and their customer management was excellent, they addressed specific customer concerns and they picked out the areas. Gave a revised estimate to the customer, specifying the areas of concern and their impact on the project. Followed up with the customer when the payments weren’t coming. They did some bad things as negotiating a contract that lead to potential disputes and they could have done some things better such as paying more attention to getting the appropriate personnel involved.


There were some factors that were not in Brown’s control for example the change in purchasing procedures was not communicated with customers, and in product development, the technical managers were not included in the important meetings and verbal commitments were not reflected in the practical work and the electricity generators were late.


There are several skills that can be used to successfully interface with the customer, some of them are the ability to identify the key decision makers, and to know what the customer want and how the customer relationship can be managed. Expectation communication is one of the key skills that should be used to successfully interface with the customer and all the relevant managers should be included in the important meetings where negotiations are the key and one should always keep the long-term benefits of investing in long-term relationships.


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