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Nascar Auto Racing Case Study

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NASCAR auto racing used to be one of the most popular shows on today's television, but before the opening day the 2010-2011 Nascar season the viewer ratings were down. Nascar is "losing some of its core fans, series officials have decided to embrace good-ol'-boy racing once again."(Bernstein) Some sources say that people have stopped watching nascar because of the safety requirements put into place. "Driver Tony Stewart was indignant when asked if Nascar was somehow too safe. "I don't think fans that watch Nascar want to watch their drivers get hurt." (Bernstein) Other close related topics are Nascar safety, Bill France, Daytona 500 and Atlanta speedway. The contribution to this article is Bernstein is a sports writer for the New York Times.

The sources I have used to gather my information are, Wikipedia, Washington post, and New York Times. Viv Bernstein writes for the New York Times. She follows mostly basketball, Nascar, football and occasionally other sports. She has a long range of articles. The argument this author address is Nascar's viewer rating going down because of all the safety standers being set into place. From the Sources she gathered from, they all say no. "Nascar has created more opportunities to race side-by-side — and more chances for crashes — through rules changes in the last year, from double-file restarts to multiple restarts at the end of races as officials try for a green-flag finish." (Bernstein) Also from Bernstein article but quoted from Nascar President Mike Helton "Nascar racing from Day 1 has always been highly competitive and there's an age-old saying that Nascar, if you ain't rubbin', you ain't racin,' " Nascar Stated "The speed and the element of danger has always been a little intriguing even to the fans out there, that that possibility is out there. You don't want to see it happen." These three quotes


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