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How Would You Resolve the Dispute Between Reed and Lesser on How to Deploy the Telephone Based Sales Team?

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7How would you resolve the dispute between Reed and Lesser on how to deploy the telephone based sales team? Would you expand Telesales?

Facts ;

Out of the 800 outbound calls eventually only 12 sales calls are closed. (refer exhibit 6 pg 16)

field telesales

Value per trans 126 k 12.86 k

Revenue/emp 217.6 k 231.5 k

Total costs 1156250 48000

Total earnings 4283750 415000

Earnings/emp (revenue- cost) 171350 207500


Transaction value for field reps is 10 times more. But overall earnings per rep are lower.

Existing Telesales folks hence should be extended only to smaller organizations and field reps should concentrate on larger organizations.

Telesale expansion:

Employee telesales reps to work on lead generations for larger organizations. (HUNTERS)

Train them to look only for new customers (no existing customer should be contacted – as per pivot database)

Assign dedicated field reps to positive leads (FARMERS)

Hi everyone, this is team Kurkure.

Survival of the fittest an idiom that is validated for living beings, currently justifies brands products

No more can you survive competition with just one product you need an entire ecosystem built around it for successful sustenance.

However hard I try to switch to a healthier


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