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Cover Letter - Role of Sales Ledger and Reporting Finance Assistant

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Dear Sir/Ma

I am using this medium to apply for the role of Sales ledger and Reporting Finance Assistant and outline how I meet all person specification.

Experience and Skills required

• Good working knowledge and experience in a financial department – I have more than 4 years experience working in finance and accounts related jobs. I was account receivable supervisor at my last job and I was involved in all aspect of finance / accounts processes.

• Strong organisational skills and flexibility are key – My organisation skill is very good and this has been key to success in my past jobs. I am a hard working, flexible person that is capable of adapting to change and new environment easily. I have work for numbers of organisations in many capacities and I have adapted well in all occasions.

• Demonstrable experience working with numeric's – I enjoy working with numbers and I am very competent with it. All my past jobs involved working with numbers. At my last job, I work with numbers every day, recording, imputing into system, preparing reports, etc.

• Experience of working within a small team – I am a good team player that is always at his best for team success. I was in a team of four in my last job and every team member work together as one. At Wintech International UK Ltd I was in the team of five and we all work hand in hand.

• Excellent organisational skills – As mentioned above my organisation skill is very good and I am very good at prioritising my work load. I do this by writing things down and allocate available time to task in order of importance.

• Excellent verbal communication skills – My communication skill is very good. I am competent in verbal and written communication. This is one of my skills that make me better at what I am doing as I use it to get results on time.

• Attention to detail is essential, as is experience of working with MS Office applications such as Excel and Word – This is one of the areas I have been tested


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