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My Role as a Regional Finance Manager

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My role as a Regional Finance Manager for my company I have been representing Finance department and involved in various project management (PM) tasks as a project team leader or project team member to plan, executing, monitoring and controlling of the financial structure of a project such as track billing, costs, budgets, Return of Investment (ROI) & Net Present Value (NPV) estimation, compliance with local rules and tax regulations and other financial information.

Well, about the experience that changed my managing behaviour in PM, before my involvement in various projects and attending PM courses, I view PM as in the term of cost, costing, budget and you name it.... everything related to $$$ and I did not put much emphasize on another 2 PM triangle like time and scope of the project, as a consequence I will keep the cost low and budget tight but I ignored the time taken and scope to schedule a project and this definitely affected the quality and outcome of the project.

Secondly, when my portfolio expanded, I have to manage cross-border PM. The recent project that I involved is the start-up of new manufacturing factory at Australia (year 2012) and Philippine (year 2013), Malaysia factory relocation projects (year 2013).

Other than the above I have been involved in other international projects bidding and project start-up for Government, banking and Telco Projects:

Government Projects:

 Singapore International passport project (Singapore; 2012),

 Malaysia International Passport project (Malaysia; 2012),

 Land Transport Authority (LTA) “cash card” project (Singapore; 2012)

 Western Australia Driving Licence project (Australia; 2013)

Banking projects:

 Citibank


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