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Marketing Vs Sales

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How come marketing and sales are interrelated? Do you believe that they are more or less the same? Or do they work independently for the same purpose? Often people confuse these two broad terms and use it quite interchangeably. Although marketing and sales both interlinked with each other, through an utterly distinctive approach; aim to increase the revenue of the company.

Marketing builds the ground for sales, while sales brings business and value to the company. Small firms usually have no difference between the two whereas bigger firms view it separately and provide a clear cut distinction between the two business functions. For small firms generally the same personnel is responsible for running the two functions, aiming to bring business to the company. On the other hand bigger firms focus on specialization and provide a departmental description for each. Therefore, marketing alone cannot survive without sales and sales single-handedly cannot survive without marketing either.

Drilling down to the difference, how is marketing and sales different from each other? Well "sales" is primarily focused on targeting niche groups or individuals. "Marketing" conversely focuses on mass communication aiming at a vast group or the general public.

Marketing is concerned with the research on the consumer market. It identifies the needs of the customer. It goes all the way to look out for that one thing which has not been catered by any other product in the market. Even if it has been provided by other brands, what other attributes or benefits can you provide to the customer with your product to grasp it! After a careful research of the market, it then has to develop a product with unique features through innovation and technology. Innovation and technology is important to add a distinctive touch to your product without which you cannot uphold yourself in the market. Continuous improvements and innovation creates brand equity; customers


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