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Floor Cleaner Marketing to Double Sales in one Year

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Floor Cleaner Marketing to Double Sales in One Year

The consumer products proposal by Mr. Josh Edwards had three proposed ideas. The first idea is to market the product as eco-friendly. Mr. Edwards claims that by using recycled material we can get a .5% saving, this idea is acceptable since the focus group did not show that consumer were put off by eco-friendly products but that they did not consider a products environmental effects to be a major deciding factor in which product to purchase. The increasing the price by 1.5% based on the fact that the products are eco-friendly is not going to work since price is the primary deciding factor for consumers. However with the eco-friendly labeling and recycled material getting the product into stores specializing in earth friendly products should be possible.

The second propose by Mr. Edwards was to develop a private label. The private label idea is something that retailers are interested in however giving them an inferior product so that we can claim ours is more powerful is not what the retailers are looking for. The pros and cons to making a private label are complicated and without more information making an informed decision at this point is not possible. Mr. Edwards needs to gather more specific information on how much it is going to cost in advertising to compete with the private label we are creating verse how much the anticipated increase in sales revenue from this private label is going to make us.

Finally Mr. Edwards suggest that we move into specialized markets. This idea looks to have promises. Lacking from the report is information regarding the current market for carpet cleaners in auto stores as well as any research showing the current demand for such a product. If the product is affective as an automobile carpet cleaner maybe retail is not where the right market but rather going after car rental companies, car detailing companies and used car stores would be a possibility.

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