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Marketing Analysis of a Booster Juice Location

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Booster Juice Assignment


We are Sarah and John Matthews, a young couple from Regina, SK and are looking to buy into the Booster Juice franchise. We have a location in mind, but are uncertain of whether it would be profitable in the area. The location we wish to have our store in is down town Regina.

Project objectives:

The objectives of the project are to survey, and analyze data collected from surveys conducted near the probable location of the Booster Juice in downtown Regina. We have no defined target group, because most, if not every, person wants to make steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Project deliverables:

Our expectations from the Marketing Research are the following:

Acquire enough usable data to make a decision on whether the chosen location for our proposed store would be a good location or not.

Write a report on the findings, detailing which customers would be satisfied with the location, and whether or not they would have interest in purchasing healthy choice food items there as well.


The timetable below outlines the dates scheduled for the Request for Proposal, and the start, and completion dates of the project.

RFP Release September 21st, 2010

Deadline for Proposal Submissions October 15th, 2010

Contract Award October 31st, 2010

Project Start April 1st, 2011

Project Completion April 28th, 2011


Bidding parties should


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