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The Hershey Company Marketing Analysis

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KGA # 1 Marketing Analysis: Hersheys

Carla Garcia

MKT# 100


Prof. Lloyd B. Adams

Hershey’s: The Hershey Company (1894)

Business Mission Statement

“The Hershey Company's marketplace extends globally from the furthest reaches of our supply chain to the lives of the consumers who enjoy our products. We are committed to dealing fairly and ethically with all parties and at all points of that value chain. We work hard to ensure the responsible and sustainable sourcing of raw materials; the safe processing of those ingredients into wholesome, affordable products of the highest quality; and the promotion of responsible habits in the enjoyment of our products”. Hershey is involved in the chocolate and candy industry. Their mission statement defines them as the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and a global leader in chocolate and sugar confectionery. The mission statement does define them as the business in term of the product. Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day summarizes the companies the employees and the consumers from their past and future. Their unique heritage, strong core values and legacy of living up to the highest ethical standards enable Hershey to attract and retain highly talented employees.

Marketing Plan

Hershey applies its Global Marketing Principles to all forms of media designed for consumers, Including broadcasting and cable television, print advertisement, radio, and the Internet. Hershey is committed to the responsible marketing of their products. Their strong values guide their behaviors in all the aspects of the brand-building work and then apply these values to all consumers’ communications worldwide. Hershey has a global Marketing Group and their responsibility is to build global brands, developmental growth platforms, brand positing and portfolio strategies. Hershey’s continued success depends on an engaging global marketplace.

Situation Analysis

The weaknesses are the market place, environment, workplace, and the community. Their internal strengths are their global sales and marketing as well. The focus on environmental issues and community involvement also makes them a strong growing company. What


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