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Market Analysis

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Market analysis

Our company is a mobile phone accessory website with a sale of covers, screen protectors, batteries and chargers, etc. The final target of our company is to capture almost one hundred percent market share among those people who are outdoor enthusiasts.

In terms of the analysis, it reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are going to be analyzed by the usage of SWOT analysis (Hollensen & Svend, 2003). Firstly, our company is the first website that concentrates on satisfying with the demand of outdoor enthusiasts in china, even around the world. What's more, our website can account for absolute superiority market share since there are fewer competitors. Secondly, complete products range, reliable and stable quality and fair price will be one of the most competitive advantages. In addition, our website also provides attentive and personalized service which concerns about producing different products in accordance with the needs of different people.

On the other hand, there also remain some challenges for our website to overcome. Firstly, the experience of selling products online and focusing on a specific group of people is still scanty and insufficient. Secondly, the operation of the website is so fine that some obstacles will exist unexpectedly. Thirdly, since the website has grown up gradually, there exist two main competitors which are the Tongke Technology Ltd and the Langke Mobile Phone Accessory Ltd. While the Tongke has a strong advantage of the highly and technical technology and the Langke has also been approved by a large amount of customers.

Apart from the analysis of our own strength and some external resources, the next vital step is to identify our target customers. The segmentation and targeting approach used by our website based on the following elements. The approach is to identify customer profile characteristics. The analysis cares about the elements —age, sex, job category, income, and participation frequency of outdoor exercises and the internet use of customers (Chaffey, Ellis-Chadwick, Mayer&Johnston, 2009). A professional questionnaire in Shanghai has exposed some data in the form of a diagram (Sojump, 2010).

 Sex:

option subtotal proportion

male 194 67.4%

female 94 32.6%

 Age:

16~25 83 28.8%

26~35 176 61.1%

36~45 29 10.1%

Above 56 0 0%

 Job category:

All kinds of professional and technical personnel(doctor, teacher,


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