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Amazon Kindle Marketing Project

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Amazon Kindle Marketing project

Peter Kollar

January 30th, 2011


E-book reader is electronic device that is designed for reading digital books; main advantage is readability, portability, storage and long battery life. Concept of electronics' book readers were with us for good number of years, but none of the companies could bring to market solid and affordable device. In later 2007 "Amazon introduced its Kindle the e-book reader… [this device] uses electronic ink technology to mimic paper, not a computer screen; there is no backlight [it allows reader to read in sunlight]" (McCarthe, 2007). Battery will last up to a weeks, and could be recharged within couple of hours, Kindle doesn't require a PC synchronization or software installation ""Instead of shopping from your PC, you shop directly from the device. The store is on the device, and then the content is wirelessly and seamlessly delivered to the device" as was explained by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (McCarthe, 2007). E-book reader are one step further in trends, one device offering several books titles in one finger touch, title of the book can be changed, they can add notes or comments, highlight passages and come back later to them. Easy storage size and light weight turning this creation to very popular these days.

Target Market Profile

Targeting market are young professionals, with interest to reading and new technologies, who business travelers and city commuters. Market is still young and small; many users don't have their online library built. Yet online library isn't important factor in decision making at this stage, but when market matures it will be more significant for buyers.

• age 18-40 professionals

• status/gender single/married, man/woman

• place of living mostly in Cities or bigger Towns

• profession, hobbies and interests business travelers and city commuters, interesting in new technologies, and their hobby is reading



Amazon is mature online retailer, offering from variety of products, book, music video, small house apparel, clothing and many more. It has stable position among its targeting market group. Kindle product will be adding to Amazon's portfolio of electrical devices. Amazon's biggest advantage is using its own web site for advertising Kindle. Whenever customer will enter Amazon, they will be directed to information about Kindle. Amazon as initial book seller will offer a large online library to Kindle.


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