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Marketing Communications Project

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Marketing Communications Project

As a marketing director of a military veteran’s foundation that must raise money to create a fallen heroes monument. Need a plan to increase the foundation customer base and need to figure out what people do I need to target to make this foundation succeed. Will discuss what type of demographics and psychographics audience I will target to succeed. Also I will determine the influence that these elements have on the marketing, decide which types of demographic data and psychographic information can be the most helpful to make this plan work.

To have the success in this organization I will have to target the older population and males because is the percentage of males that have retired and served this country is higher so they know how important it is to have this monument up for the people who fought for this country to give us freedom. Psychographics is the market research that classify the population into groups according to the variables. For this organization I will need to focus in people values and attitudes. Both of this variables are very important to have a successful organization because people with this characteristics are always more dependable and know how important it is to have something that mean so much to people in this country.

Demographic data assist in identifying groups based on information like gender, age, and marital status. Demographic data is fundamental to understanding what organization need to perform the correct way. Obtaining demographic data about customers it may be very hard to do. Using surveys might be the easiest way to obtain this information about the people that I’m targeting for this market. Psychographics refer to how people behave like: their dislikes, likes, and interests. Customer attitudes change depending on how the organization interacts with the customers. The best way to obtain this data should be by doings polls to all the


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