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Media and Marketing Communications

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Media and Marketing Communications

Assignment - Farm Tours Ireland Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Group 2 (FISAG):

Damien Sweeney (4BC3 11537987)

Theo Bianchi (Visiting from France 14102566) 

Melody Amponsah (3BC1 11170212)

Ciara Shaughnessy (4BC6 11339411)

Leah Mc Inerney (3BC1 12453878)

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Report Format

1.) Executive Summary

- Farm Tours Ireland current market offering

2.) Environmental Analysis

- Potential of the Market

- Identifying Primary Competition

- SWOT Analysis of Farm Tours Ireland

3.) Audience Understanding / Identifying target Market

- Existing customers

-Potential customers (Market Segmentation Analysis)

4.) Marketing Communications Plan

-  Specifying the key fact/ Marketing Problem

- Marketing Communications Objectives

5.)  Creative Platform

- Marketing tools and strategies for implementation

- Reasoning behind channel selection

- Measurability of each channel.

6.) Appendices

 - Budgeting

-Potential other advertising mediums

-How we as a group worked together

-Referencing list


  1. Executive Summary

Farm Tours Irelands current state and what do they offer to the consumer?

Farm Tours Ireland (FTI) is a family owned enterprise established in 2012 by father and son Gerry and Aongus Higgins.  FTI positions itself as Ireland’s premier agricultural tourism provider. This stems from an extensive background in agricultural consultation which both Aongus and Gerry branch out from. The reason or motivation for this branching out is to provide an illustration of unique practices which exist within Irish agriculture, furthermore FTI aimed to capitalise upon existing links/contacts within Aongus and Gerry’s global agricultural network.

Farm Tours Ireland provides bespoke tours to Irelands leading farms, food processors and agricultural enterprises. These bespoke tour packages are designed to cater to diverse group needs. Along with the agricultural processes FTI wishes to exhibit, it aims to showcase Ireland’s rich culture and historical background, through visits to famous Irish landmarks such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Guinness Storehouse and the Irish National Stud.

FTI relies upon capitalising on Gerry and Aongus's personal networks built within the consultation business to attract clients. This can be through individual farmers or utilising existing corporate relationships. Repeat business and word of mouth also play a role in securing business for the company. FTI has established a website and social media pages but the establishment of a digital footprint has thus far been unsuccessful.


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