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Social Media Marketing Plan - Flamm Picks

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Social Media Marketing Plan

November 11, 2011


Brent Flamm developed and patented a multi-string guitar pick in October of 2000 for plucking stringed instruments that is named ‘Flamm Picks’. The pick allows the user to simultaneously pluck two strings of an instrument or, alternatively, to pluck a single string as shown in the below images.

I am recommending that a social media strategy plan begin with the launch of a Facebook Page that can act as the primary landing page for this brand and product. It is advisable that a further social media mix strategy fall in succession to the Facebook launch and include the creation of a Google + business page, a Twitter page, YouTube channel and a blog page to further promote this brand and product.


• All Ages

• All Genders

• Global Musicians

• Global Music Networks

• Global Music Stores


Global Musicians and retailers that have an interest in stringed instruments. Global Musicians and retailers that are active on one or more of the Social Media channels of either Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube or Music related Forums and Blogs.


• Gain brand recognition

• Reach out to a global audience of musicians and music stores.

• Development of appealing and specific content for target audience on social media channels to include pictures, videos, and how-to-use product.

• Grow fans and followers on all social media channels.


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