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Social Media Marketing Case

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Social Media Marketing

Northwest Nazarene University

Social Media Marketing

        There has been a shift in how business is being conducted today in comparison with how it was conducted 20 years ago. With the introduction of the internet and personal computers, e-commerce has had a very large impact on how businesses operate and market their products. Media technology is growing and it is having a big impact on businesses today and is expected to have an even bigger impact in the future. A major trend for businesses today is the use of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a concept that has become very successful in a short amount of time. The business use of social media channels helps businesses understand their customers and engage them in communication. This communication helps companies to have more insight into what the customer expects from their products and services, which is creating feedback. Feedback is a very important tool in business. It allows a business to learn what it is doing right or wrong, and this helps to achieve marketing and business goals.

Social media envelops a wide variety of formats such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, just to name a few. It costs nothing to become a member in one of the social media platforms that are available. Marketing through these networks is cheaper and cuts down on marketing costs, which in turn can help to keep product and service costs lower. There are millions of people who use social media platforms every day, and the number of people that one can reach by using these social media sights is endless. Plus, it is a very fast in getting results.

There are many companies that are turning to the use of social media marketing. They have realized the importance of the internet and how it is helping businesses to become more successful and profitable. One such company is Burger King. They have turned to social media for their customers’ input on food items that they would like to see on back on the menu. “The demand for Chicken Fries has largely been driven by social media, according to Burger King.” (Giammona, 2015) So, in response to the feedback provided by their customers, Burger King has put Chicken Fries back on the menu for good. Social media helps Burger King to learn what products customers prefer so that they can keep them coming back to their restaurants.


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