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Social Media Marketing

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Haylee Humphries

771 Road 6

Powell, WY

December 2, 2013[pic 5]

Mr. John Smith

Small Business Owners Association

321 South Lake Drive

Pocatello, Idaho, 83201

Subject: Proposal No. F-002 for Small Business Owners Association

Dear Mr. John Smith:

I am pleased to submit the following proposal to provide the following suggestions to increase brand awareness. By creating a Facebook and website, a small businesses can get their name out and increase revenue. I have worked in social media marketing for two years now including Managing Idaho State University’s Housing Facebook page.

Over 200,000 small businesses closed down since the 2007 recession. Small business businesses need an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness and build their customer base. Growing brand awareness and gaining customers is essential to increasing a small company’s revenue. The success of small business is an important aspect of strengthening our economy today, and it is dependent on increasing brand awareness.  

The purpose is to research and identify what type of social media is best for increasing brand awareness within a small company. I will show how Facebook and websites will be the most beneficial in increasing brand awareness. Each of these will be explored to show not only the benefits that these mediums provide but also some of the negatives that can be associated with them if not implemented correctly. I will research and identify what type of social media is best for increasing brand awareness within a small company. I will first provide data that shows how the economy has affected small business and the problem this has caused in the United States. I will then present specific sources showing how I decided which social media marketing was a good solution for increasing brand awareness.

I plan to research how much social media has grown. To do this I will use statistics to review the percentage of people in the United States that use social media. I will also show how many of those people are persuaded to make certain purchases or go to a specific place as a result of social media marketing. I will use the website 101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics from Social Media Today to get these statistics. I will research how both the use of Facebook and websites will increase brand awareness a small business and what needs to be done to make them beneficial. To do this I plan to use academic journal posted by reliable sources such as Industrial Marketing Management Journal and The Journal of Interactive Marketing. These both review how to sucessfullly use Facebook and the Internet as marketing tools. I also plan to review current small business social media pages. I will also look at actually websites and Facebook pages of small companies. However, I understand that social media can be harmful to a company if used improperly, so I plan to research the negative effects that can be associated with social media if not implemented correctly. To do this I will use the journal article Usage, barriers and measurement of social media marketing: An exploratory investigation of small and medium B2B brands. This source will help reasrch how to correctly use social media and what will happen if companies do not use these tools correctly.


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