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Do You Think Social Media Marketing Is an Advantage or Disadvantage in Your Life, Please Explain?

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  1. Do you think social media marketing is an advantage or disadvantage in your life, please explain?
  2. How much time you use social media everyday? And list one disadvantage, and/or one advantage for using social media.

Age 23, Gender male, Student

  1. Social media is an advantage because it’s easy to find and in different holidays it will always have discounts.
  2. On average without sleep, I use social media every hour. It will make the relationship between friends more friendly by using social media.

Age 21, Gender male, Student

  1. Social media is an advantage to our life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media could bring people closer to each other.
  2. It is hard to determine how much time I spent everyday on social media but I would say a lot. Sometimes I do waste too much time on Instagram or Facebook but I still say social media is a big help to my daily life.

Age 22, Gender male, Student

  1. From my own perspective, social media marketing has both advantages and disadvantages, but its pro can easily overcome its cons. It is definitely more efficient, more effective and has better coverage on the society compared to the traditional marketing.
  2. I personally spend an average of 3-4 hours a day on social media. Which brings me some advantages of building social connections with people and getting to know all sort of things going on. However, it is very distractive and time consuming at the same time. Which makes myself less efficient when I got work awaiting to be done on hand.

Age 23, Gender female, Student

  1. Advantage. Because it lets me know more and clearer information about the good that I want to buy.
  2. On average, 5 hours of social media use a day.

Advantage: It’s convenient to connect with family and friends no matter what country they’re in.

Disadvantage: Fewer and fewer people face-to-face interaction. People increasingly rely on social media.

Age 22, Gender female, Student

  1. Advantage. Because I could easily find what I want to buy when there are lots of discounts in holiday and I could save lots of money at the same time.
  2. On average, I use per hour everyday.

Advantage: I could know what my family and friends are doing immediately and I could use it to spend time when I have nothing to do.

Disadvantage: It will waste a lot of time on using it. Lots of people use social media when they are eating. By the way, using social media on the bed is harmful for our eyes.


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