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Comparing Chanel and Dior Social Media Marketing

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Executive Summery

This essay provides an analysis of social media marketing between luxury brands: Chanel and Dior.

The analysis has been based on social media approach. In the essay, I will compare the use of social media and their effectiveness of the two brands. Their implications for the development of a social media marketing strategy are also discussed.


Luxury brands can no longer stay away from social media. In recent years, the Internet has become to play a growing role in the decision-making process of luxury shoppers, with 44% of all sales being influenced by internet research or social media buzz (Mc Kinsey 2014)

Chanel S.A., commonly known as "Chanel", is a Parisian fashion house founded by the late couturier Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, recognized as one of the most established in haute couture, specializing in luxury goods which including ready-to-wear, perfumery, haute couture, cosmetics and handbags(Bacakuka, 2016).

Christian Dior SE, commonly known as Dior, is a French luxury company owns the high-fashion clothing producer and retailer Christian Dior Couture.

These two French fashion houses are at the top of the industry. With hundreds of celebrities wearing their design and billions in yearly revenues. Customers are taking brands and reinventing them to fit their own tastes though social media. Therefore, a new way to engage with its consumers is required. Luxury companies such as Chanel and Dior have been influenced by this change. Before social media occurred, the two fashion giants have borned decades ago and formed an image of exclusivity as their marketing strategies. They usually portray a lifestyle that most people are far from to reach. It is imperative for luxury brands to corporate with social media stars to show a more exclusive image in order to expand their brands.


Social marketing approach

Since there are more women use social media platforms than men, it is the opportunity for beauty brands to utilize social media as the approach to associated with their targeted customers. All major players from the luxury industry have started posting on the main social media platforms, from twitter to Instagram. Despite their relatively recent involvement, luxury brands attract more fans than many regular consumer brands. Both Chanel and Dior use push and pull strategy. Push strategies include event marketing such as fashion shows. To motivate consumers to find out the brands in channels including public relations, sales promotions and online advertising and interactive marketing such as social networking. Word-of-mouth from family members and friends are also pull strategy.


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