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Social Media Marketing

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  1. Introduction

The Assignment of the potential business research topic is on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Networks in Business.”

More than 3 billion users of the internet and social media made this platform very popular in today’s world. The social media platform has now become a great channel for marketing, and it offers important data of the customers for businesses. Further, the traditional means of marketing has become less successful, and many business organizations are using the social media platform to connect with their customers. It can be said that the social media in business is not an option rather it is a necessity.

  1. Project Objective

The objective of the project is to highlight the benefits and adverse effects of the use of social networks in business through detailed analysis of literature and research work.

  1. Project Scope

The project use of social networks in business covers the aspects of social media, its advantages, and disadvantages in big corporation as well as small business organizations. Different business uses diverse platforms of social media for the business operations to increase customer interactions and satisfaction.

  1. Literature Review

Nowadays, with rapid intensification of social media, the marketing strategies of the companies are being changed. By the use of social networks many business organizations improving communications with the customers. “The wide usage of social networking sites and tools by individuals makes companies want to think carefully about how they can benefit from such usage in rebuilding their relationship with customers and increasing their engagement level.” (Al-Rabayah, 2016)

Currently, the social media has surpassed its subsistence which is becoming a favourite channel of contact and available for anyone. Such channels impact the relationship of customers with their companies as well as marketing strategies. “Social Network marketing is very advantageous for companies; it can be represented as a great tool for finding talent, building brand awareness, finding new customers, and conducting market research.” (Al-Rabayah, 2016)

Use of social network for business has numerous benefits; it is very fast and inexpensive, flexible and easy. It creates two-way communication channel which helps to use interface efficiently and make the friendly environment. The social media is an interactive platform where companies can actively get feedback of the customers. Therefore, many companies nowadays are using social networks for advertisement, marketing, and promotion rather than using traditional methods. The social networking site is a platform where individuals make personal profile pages and communicate with anyone they want including sharing of contents like photos and videos.


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