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Generational Marketing and Social Media

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Case 3: Generational Marketing and Social Media


Student Name: _________Lingyu Yang_____________________

Part 1: Generational Characteristics. [50 points]

The table below has space for 10 demographic and psychographic characteristics that can be used by marketers distinguish among these 3 generations. Eight characteristics have been identified; you must identify 2 others. Complete the information for each characteristic & generation; make sure to provide source of data in the table (if appropriate).


Baby Boomers

Born 1946-1964

Generation X

Born 1965-1976

Generation Y/ Millennials

Born 1977 – 1998

1. Market Size

20 million

50 million

76 million

2. Average HH Size

2.1 people

3.3 people

2.7 people

3. Average HH Income




4. Relationship to Technology

Welcome new technologies and expect these technologies to adapt to them  

Access to technologies in young ages

Constantly access to texting, Internet and phones; overuse and heavily dependent on technologies

5. Relationship to Family & Friends

Usually raised by grandparents; High divorce rate (52% to 62%); High remarriage rate (3/4)

Stronger on family values than Baby Boomer; being independent at a younger age

Family-centric and friend-centric, value the relationship between family and friends

6. Relationship to Work & Workplace

Strong work ethic; work longer hours; value pays and respect loyalty  

Not blindly  loyal; more than willing to leave a job for a better opportunity; more involved technology in work

Willing to trade high pay for flexible schedules and a better work/life balance; enjoy working in teams

7. Print Media Preferences (Be specific)

Newspapers and magazines

Less newspapers and magazines

Almost no newspapers and magazines

8. Online Media Preferences (Be specific)

Newspapers and magazines, video games, Twitter and Facebook

E-mails, text messaging, TVs, internet browsers and Facebook

Computer games, E-mails, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging

9. Add’l Characteristic

Enjoy traveling; account for up to 80% of luxury travel spending

More diverse than previous generations in race, class, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation

Confident, ambitious and achievement-oriented; always seek challenges

10. Add’l Characteristic

More health conscious than other groups

Highest education levels

More open-minded, culturally tolerant and socially conscious


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