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Social Media Case - Marketing Management

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Marketing Management | Social Media Assignment

Malcolm Badding

Jessica Gressa

Abhinav Gupta

 Luke Kang

Chinmayee Tambe


To understand which metrics are the most effective at explaining the process of becoming a Twitter follower or at aiding the understanding of customer behavior in social media, we considered the purchase funnel that is used for explaining the purchase process of customers. Although payment is not involved in following on Twitter, it is assumed that all social media users go through a similar psychological process when determining whether they will follow a certain Twitter handle or not. [pic 1]

  1. Awareness: Users learn about @sportsmktprof Twitter handle through the following options: 1) Users directly hear about the @sportsmktprof Twitter handle, ESMA blog, and Facebook from Goizueta students or teachers, and then visit them. This is when people like us visit them with the purpose of researching for an assignment during a class. 2) Since paid media is not utilized, such as online advertisements, there may be users who visit the account after making a search on Google or a different search engine. 3) A user becomes aware of @sportsmktprof from another website, media, or social media mentions, and visits the page. The increase of awareness especially in social media has to do with the interaction of likes, mentions, and retweets. This is related to the advocacy process, which will be dealt with in more detail at the end.
  2. Consideration: Some of the users who become aware of and visit @sportsmktprof Twitter, ESMA Blog, and Facebook page become interested in the content provided, so they look closely at the other content there or visit again later on. At this period, the user, through an evaluation on category and quality, determines whether the content is worthy of continued viewing, and predicts the frequency of future visits so as to ultimately make a judgment of whether or not to follow the Twitter handle.
  3. Purchase (Follow): This stage refers to the decision of following @sportsmktprof Twitter handle after going through the process of consideration mentioned previously. The user decides to receive subsequent content from the Twitter and establishes a continued relationship with it.
  4. Advocacy: As engagements between the user and the Twitter handle increase, the user supports and recommends the content of @sportsmktprof Twitter handle and/or the Twitter handle itself either intentionally or by chance through likes, retweets, mentions, and replies. This process creates a virtuous cycle where another user becomes aware of the account and the number of followers increases.


First, we collected additional data by directly visiting @sportsmktprof Twitter handle, the ESMA Blog, and Facebook in order to understand in depth the increase of Twitter followers through the purchase funnel. The additional data is as follows. Number of blog posts by date, number of tweets by date, type of Twitter content, and external mentions/retweets about Manish’s social media channels by influencers.

Next, we have categorized the various data variables so that we could know what stage in the purchase funnel they belonged to.


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