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Human Capital Management Through Social Media

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Hi guys!

Summery: Human capital management through social media

(Cut costs in tough time)

Company: EMC

Primary business : Computer data storage systems and software.

With more than double the market share of its closest competitors.

Director: Joe Tucci, the company's chairman and CEO

Founder: Dick Egan

Background : economic downturn, the company had to do pay cut. They have international business, acquisitions counts for more than fifty.

The unlikely rise of social media:

EMC has become an enthusiastic adopter of social media and participative decision making. They drafted many of 49,000 emplyees world wide into improving its organizational judgment and decision making capabilities.

Decisions made behind closed doors by senior managers were influenced by and discussed over online chats.

Policies that would preciously have been announced by memo were announced online, and clarified or evolved based on online reactions.

What they did?

In 2006 Hollis started a blog, which is to discuss EMC''s adoption of social media, with a paper called "journey in social media"

Hollis formed a team, who had a social media platform up in 2007. They think technical workforce would be the primary users but not just R&D.

Cost transformation program: Cut cost from travel,


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