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Four Dimensions of Human Resource Management Practice

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Today's Human Resource Management (HRM) has evolved over the years from traditional Personal Management to driving factor of the business strategy of the Organization. It is more significant to the organization, as placing the high caliber people in the correct position with the correct direction will enable them to do the task assign to them for the advantage of the Organization. Not only selecting the correct people but also providing carrier development and rewarding comparatively will enable to retain the correct talent.

There are four dimensions of Human resource management areas which we can discuss about; they are Managing the Human resource environment, Acquiring and preparing the human resource, Assessment and development of human resource and Compensating human resource.

1. Managing the Human Resource Environment

By creating the best roadmap by the Human Resources of an organization will eventually leads to achieve the organizations long term goals and objectives. This environment should be in line with the organizations strategy and objectives.

This can be discussed in few sub topics.

1.1 Linking the HRM practices to company's business strategy.

This is more critical as HR has to be inline with the strategy of the organization. So when HR defines its practice (to recruit, train, reduce, and compensate employees) it's purely based on the business goals. Depending on the business strategy whether the organizations is going to expand it's business, downsize or explore new markets, the HR practice and it's actions has to be reviewed. This is called as Strategic HRM. It simply defined as "use of employees to gain or keep a competitive advantage" (Robert L. M., John H. J.; Human Resource Management: p36)

1.2 Comply all the HRM practices does not violate all laws and regulations set by the Authorities.

Different countries have different set of rules and regulations which all organizations need to adhere to. Some of them are; Equal Employment Opportunity (To protect employees from discrimination based on gender, race, religion, ect.), Provide safety working environment

1.3 Crate a framework that will optimize the use of staff to deliver quality service/product to customers while keep the staff satisfied and motivated.

Once the Organization has decided its strategy, the HR need to identify the processes that are needed, the people and the skills required in a structured way that can achieve the target. Some of the components of this process are work flow analysis, create Organization structure, Job analysis


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