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Global Issues and Change in Human Resource Management

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Part of the Diploma in Business Management Paper

Global Issues and Change in Human Resource Management

Unitec New Zealand

Mount Albert Campus

Carrington Road

Mount Albert


New Zealand

Project Organisations:

Students must use "Diversification at Hubbard's Foods" on page 405 (Case study 1) of their text book for this assignment. An in-depth study of HRM issues such as Globalisation and Internationalisation, Strategy and related areas will be conducted. Use the internet if you don't have enough information on this organisation.

Students may NOT visit or contact the organisation. All the information is to be found in the text book or on their website. In your investigation of this organisation, use information ONLY available in the public domain such as magazines, internet, publications etc. Use this electronic information in answering the questions.

You are to investigate and critically examine the literature underpinning the HR/ER discipline and specifically apply this (where relevant) to the questions below.

Mark the report clearly with a title and use headings for each answer for example: "Q1 Background and HR functions". You may use sub-headings.

This assignment is marked out of 100 but weighting is 90% - the presentation, Part B, is 10% - the presentation is in week 13 during the class.

The assignment is about Hubbard Foods Ltd case study, we have investigate HR functions in the company and HR issues in the organisation. we are to conduct SWOT analysis and IHRM issues or the organisation and HR. we have to investigate 10 questions


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