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Human Resource Management

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Human resource management is the process of bringing people of an organization together to meet the goals of the organization. Human Resource Management is linked to the strategic goals of an organization and develops the organizational culture needed to obtain those goals. Human Resource Management adds value to an organization. Organizational functions include hiring, compensation, performance, grievance management, motivation and training, to name a few. Human Resources Management bridges front line employees to management personnel of an organization.

The primary function of Human Resource Management is employee relations. Employee relations aspect of human resources management consists of aspects of the relationship between the employee and the organization or the relationship between employees. Areas covered by employee relations include attendance, performance, conflict resolution, disciplinary action, recognition, and job satisfaction. According to "Introduction To The Human Resources Discipline Of Employee Relations" (2011), "Employee relations also encompasses the organization's overall approach to maintaining a positive, productive and cohesive work environment within the organization's particular business model and corporate culture" (Overview, para.3). Assuring a balanced work relationship promotes a productive work environment and allows employees a positive workplace free from harassment.

Working with employees when an issue arises or developing employees are important for employee morale. Issues that are left unattended can become bigger issues or can cause employee turnover. Bigger issues can result in termination of employment or possible legal action, if the issue is not addressed appropriately or in a timely fashion. For example, a remark or joke that seems harmless to one person could be construed as harassment. If the issue is not addressed, the employee making the remark or joke can think it is acceptable and continue which can offend individuals. Once a human resources professional is made aware of the situation, an investigation should occur, and action taken. That action can include speaking with the individual, sensitivity training, and in some cases, termination. Harassment of any kind should not be tolerated.

Developing employees builds skills and increases motivation. Employees can reach their fullest potential through improving their skills and knowledge. The Sarvadi (2005) website indicates


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