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Human Resource Management of Amway (china) and Tiens (china)

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Nowadays, direct selling is concerned a lot by people. This report has discussed the motivation technique, training system, company culture, performance appraising and career development of a Chinese company and a foreign company. Through the six parts, this report compare and analysis the different manage model of two companies. Finally, this report gives a point of view of which company is better and gives a suggestion to the company which is not good enough.

1 Introduction

As a new marketing model, direct selling is accepted by more and more people. Sellers, as the key figures of direct selling, have the importance which is unstoppable. So, how to manage the big amount of seller becomes a key point naturally. This report discusses the different management system of two companies ------ Amway and Tiens.

2 Briefly information

Amway is a well-known direct selling company which originates from America. The high-quality product, high research quality and social returns relate to the success of Amway. However, management method of Amway is the most shining point.

Tiens also is a direct selling company which originates from china. Nowadays, Tiens have built up many branch offices in 110 countries and regions. At the same time, it has built a widely strategic cooperative partnership with many global first-class enterprises.

3 Motivation techniques

3.1 The deluxe motivation method of Tiens

For the motivation techniques of Tiens, it is synonymous with luxury. In 2002, Tiens Company held a meeting to reward meritorious employees. The prizes include 100 BMW cars, 43 yachts, 32 pint-sized planes and 6 deluxe villas. Moreover, for motivating employees, Tiens not only design a competitive salary system, but also use a proportionate number of shares as the prize. (Anon, 2005)

3.1.1 Bonus distribute

Figure 1 the percentage of bonus distribute



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