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Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

Introduction to HRM

Activities undertaken to attract, develop, and maintain an effective workforce within an organization.

• The people who make up and organization give that organization its primary source of competitive advantage.

• Human Resource Management plays a key role in finding and developing the organizations people as human resources that contribute to and directly affect company success.

Introduction to HRM

• Organizational performance is impacted in a positive way from HRM.

• HRM professionals are considered key players in the management team. No longer just ‘personnel'.

• As organizations flatten out more responsibility is pushed down. Today's business leaders will deal with HRM.

– Recruiting, developing, performance appraisals are examples of things being pushed down.

The Strategic Goals of HRM

• Three Primary Goals all Influence by Strategy

Environmental Influences on HRM

• "Our people are our most important resource"

• You must find, recruit, train, nurture, and retain the best people.

– Without them (people) your strategy and structure does not mean anything!

Environmental Influences

• Competitive Strategy

• Federal Legislation

• Trend in society

Competitive Strategy

• Organization competitive strategy may include merges and acquisition, downsizing to increase efficiency, international operation.

• These strategic decision determine the demand of skills and employees.

• The human resource strategy in return, must include the correct employee markup to implement the organizational strategy.

Federal Legislation

• In the past 40 years several laws have been passed to ensure equal employment opportunities (EOO).

– Purpose: Stop unfair discriminatory practices that are unfair to a specific group and define enforcement agencies to enforce the laws.

• Discrimination: the hiring or promoting of applicants based on criteria that are not job relevant.

• Affirmative


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