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How to Manage Customer Experience Across Social Media

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Executive summary

Customer experience management helps in managing customers across channels. This research paper helps to understand the basic philosophy on linkage of Social media and customer experience management. Social media has not only reinvented personal communication but has also changed the way in which business interacted and engaged with its old customers as well as acquire new customers. Social media has provided a real time media for organization to listen to their customer grievances and needs and try to address them as well as recognize the pattern and develop better products for them.

This research paper also digs out the basic problem of Customer relationship management as it is based on the analysis of past data but social media helps the company to better the customer experiences and serve them better 


Executive summary 2

Introduction 4

Objective 4

Type of research 4

CRM and the start of Customer Experience Management 5

Social Media 6

Transition from ‘customer’ to ‘community’ 6

Community Relationship Management 8

Social Media Customer Experience management 9

Customer experience 2.0 10

Limitations of the study 11

Conclusion 11

References 13


How to manage customer experience is a key area of research in marketing. It includes standards and processes used to concretely manage how customers are exposed to different channels, how they interact and transact with company, its products, services and brands. Customer Experience management tries to increase ability of marketing to effectively use multi channels of marketing like Contact points, web portals, Self-service, cell phones and traditional channels. With the growth of Social Media, Customer experiences have changed their meaning to make community relationship with the customer. For any organization, Worst fear is to have unhappy customers. They also help the organization to learn better and serve other customers in a better way. When Whirlpool launched their washing machines in India, they listened to problems of their customers that people were having problems in washing Indian dresses like dhoti and Sari due to their length, hence they re-launched their products which helped them to gather higher market share. Also, other examples are localizations of menu items of fast food giants like KFC and McDonalds.


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