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Social Media

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Today we live in a world where social networking is considered the best way to communicate. Be it a workplace, school or a college, majority of the individuals are looking to meet other people and see how they can inherit or share information on the internet. It can be of any topic like cooking, sports, music, gardening, finding professional alliances, finding a job, marketing etc., anyone can share their experiences with the help of social media without necessarily spending any money.

The advantages one can get of social networking in any given profession, has made websites like Facebook, MySpace, twitter, LinkedIn etc. a very important aspect of communication at workplace in last few years. Social networking enables us to share a network of ideas and generates a lot of exchange of knowledge. It is not just a simple medium of communicating with others but a medium to do lot of things which a society wants to do it but didn't know how to di it.


Social Media in the field of education:

In today's world, social media or social networking can help a student to learn and engage more. If one can learn how to keep their private and professional life separate, those who are in the field of education can take the benefits of the possible learning opportunities that social media offers.

The greatest significance of social media in the field of education is the changing characteristics of students entering various universities. Social media has three great qualities; creative, highly connected and collective and for this reason learning from social media can be more flexible and quick. The users of social media are generally described as "as having an enhanced capacity to self-organize and provide for themselves". Today in many universities, social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter are being used to allow students find an alternate way of getting adjusted with the university's lifestyle by interacting on the internet with the faculty and peers. Studies have shown that shared


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