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Benefits of Social Media for Business

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Benefits of Social Media for Business

1) Awareness

First major benefit is that it brings awareness. Media’s such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are sites which are free of charge. This is a low cost way to get your name or organisation across the web.

2) Identity’s customers desires

Through the use of social media, organisation’s can connect and stay in touch with customers. The use of Facebook and Myspace, allows customers and organisations to communicate and ask questions to one another. Also individuals can choose to create forums, which will allow fans to speak their minds about likes and dislikes.

Also allows creating surveys, poles and questionnaires to find out more information on what individual’s think, and to gain feedback from customers and potential customers.

3) Tuning In

Social media can be easily used to an individual’s advantage in the marketplace. If you want to know what your competitors are doing, just follow them on twitter, and join fan pages. Sign up to emails.

It’s a great way to discover how you compare to your competitors.

It’s also a benefit that you can monitor what your customers are saying about your organisation.

4) Opportunities

A common use of social media is finding (or to stay in touch) potential business partners, vendors, suppliers and business opportunities. By creating a larger awareness, more business opportunities will rise.

5) Trust and Credibility

Customers tend to prefer to buy from people they know or trust. Social media can help understand customers as “people” and to become help build a stronger relationship between


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