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Social Media

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Social media is a new phase that involves changing the way people share information, news, media, and other sorts of culture. Specifically, it involves internet based sites where individuals share information about themselves and about the world. These ideas are then shared with other users who access the site. Social networks are specifically those websites that host users and allow them to share such content. People connect with friends and family through these websites.

For example, Facebook is a social media website which allows you to create a page describing yourself and your interests. Other Facebook users have access to this page granted that the privacy settings that users have allow for it. It is the most popular of social media websites. Such a website is extremely important in the marketing sense because advertisements can be run along the side of the page. This advertising can be directly related to the specific user’s interests and thus adds great benefit to direct marketing.

Next, Twitter is also an extremely popular social media website. It is a “microblogging” site where users post brief 160-character messages and statuses about their lives or thoughts. Often, these messages relate directly to products and services, and thus often can give marketers feedback. Users can utilize hashtags to promote specific topics that have gained popularity amongst users.

Product review sites are extremely important because they allow everyday users or actual critics to give reviews on products. They include ratings and comments to pinpoint particular features of products. Specifically, many product review sites for technology such as phones, cameras, or MP3 players are popular since basic consumers invest more money into such products and want trustworthy responses about such product performance.

Mobile apps have become increasingly popular with iPhone and Android phones. Apps, or applications, can range from thousands of


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