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Principles of Marketing Project

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Principles of Marketing 1001 – Carey

Marketing Plan Project

Congratulations! It is the future and you have graduated JWU. You just landed a great job with (You fill in this blank) corporation. They have a strong history of success and a great brand, but as they look towards the future, they are not sure what their next product should be.

You have been placed on a team to determine what the next great product will be for _________________ corporation. You are to complete a thorough Situation Analysis, a thorough Competitive Analysis, Market Research,  and you will then develop your product.

Your team will be writing a draft portion of the final paper each week. You will get these back with feedback to correct for the final paper.  In order to make sure you are gathering the correct information at the correct times – we are going to mix the chapters up to coincide with the dates. A corrected Syllabus is available in uLearn.

There is a sample format for your final paper on page 54 “Cuisine Masters Restaurant Supply” Appendix 2A.

All papers will be formatted and sources will be cited according to the MLA format. This is available under the library tab in JWUlink.

Sept 21 – Please submit a short paper listing 1) Who is on the team? 2) What company and brand will you be working on and why?  3) A short mission statement for your team.

Sept 28 – Please submit a well researched Market Analysis that includes how the market is defined, who is the customer, what is the approximate size of the market, is it growing or flat or shrinking, and where does your brand currently sit within the market and what the trends are in the market. This should be about a page and a half long. Be concise. Use charts where it helps.


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