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Principles of Marketing Essay

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Week 5 Homework                                                                         Aaron Young

Management and Organizational Behavior

Chapter 9

Be the Manager

I would fire everyone.

But seriously, its seems as though some of the expectancy theory is coming into play. The marketing analysts are not putting much effort into their job. They must not expect that there is a reward for them to work harder. The employees feel that there is no reason to complete work on time or to complete the work accurately. I would try to raise expectancy levels to increase performance. I would first start by giving praise to the market analysts and express my confidence in them. I would give more praise to the employees who turn in their reports on time with accurate work. If this method did not work I would give them more training. It is possible that some of the analysts need more training on how to do their jobs. I would also give the analysts proof that their work is appreciated and useful. I would hold a weekly meeting highlighting the work of the analysts and possibly even give out a quarterly award to the analysts who performed the best. It is also possible that some of the analysts have needs that are not being fulfilled by their work. In my weekly meeting I would listen to the ideas and complaints of the analysts and implement changes based on what they say. This would increase their need for fulfillment. I would also work individually with each analyst and allow them to set goals for themselves. Achieving these goals on a regular basis would increase the fulfillment level of the employees and increase their motivation.

If all of that did not work then I would resort to negative reinforcement. I would start with a write up every time an analyst turned in an unexcused late report. After three write ups the employee could face suspension or termination. If employees continued to make mistakes on their reports they would have to give training to other employees during the weekly meeting, and acknowledge their mistakes in front of everyone. If the reports continued to be inaccurate then write ups may also need to take place.  

Chapter 10

Building Management Skills

1. When I was in the Military I had a supervisor who was very ineffective at his job. He did have legitimate power because of his rank. He was able to apply discipline and punishment due to his position in the military. I supposed he had a slight bit of reward power since he was able to give people easier assignments or send them home early. He did not have expert power because he did not know his job at all, and he did not have referent power because he was hated by most people in the squadron. His legitimate and reward power gave him just enough to influence others for a while but eventually he was fired from his position.


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