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Principles of Marketing

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This course, for some will be an introduction to the principles of marketing. For others, it will be an introduction to Health Care Trends, Specific Issues and Future Trends. For all participants, it will be a combining of the two, designed to introduce the participant to the unique nature of marketing in a business that has only recently adopted many business principles, including marketing. The special needs and difficult challenges in Health Care Marketing will be discussed. Because of the involvement of many constituencies, particularly the government, in the delivery of healthcare, the public policy context of healthcare will also be considered. Consideration of the multiple stakeholders involved in healthcare will give students an appreciation of the sometimes delicate relationship management that underlies successful healthcare marketing as well as an appreciation for multiple perspectives on issues that require a strong ethical basis for determination of appropriate actions.

This course is part of the core curriculum for the MHA Program. It is intended to provide a specific level of learning with regard to a subset of the MHA Program Competencies. Strategic and analytical thinking is emphasized throughout the course as students learn specifics about marketing analysis, planning, and implementation. In addition, assignments require students to demonstrate both written and oral communication skills.

The course will utilize a textbook supplemented by readings of selected journal articles (required packet and Canvas postings), lectures, guest speakers, videos, case discussions, and general dialogue around the topics covered. Participants will get as much information and learning from the course as they are willing to invest. Opportunities for learning will be offered in both individual and group assignments. Guest speakers will be sharing detailed information from their respective organizations, some of which may be proprietary


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