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Marketing Principles Case

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Cover page

Subject: Marketing Principles

Program/Intake: FTDipBA21

Name: Liu yuwei(CT0213500)

        Yang shaojiaying(CT0213954)

        Lu yucheng(CT0205824)

        Ruan genxian(CT0204131 )

Date: April 2nd, 2015

Company: Singapore Airline Singapore


Singapore airline is one of the largest airline company in the world, Singapore Airlines has been founded in 1972, offering the high standards of services that customers have come to anticipate of us, and become the most popular airline company in the world. The purpose of this report is to introduce Singapore airline’s company background, micro analysis, macro analysis(PESTEL), SWOT analysis, marketing strategy, marketing mix and recommendations.

2. Company, Brand and Product

2.1 Company

Singapore Airline Company was founded in 1972, and the company had experienced a tough road and finally completed its successful transformation from a regional airline company to a globally famous worldwide travel brand (Singapore Airline, 2015). Singapore Airline has the world’s most famous air hostesses, who are famous for their outstanding passion and beauty. Singapore Airline is also famous its excellent customer service and high standards of service quality. The company has retained numerous loyal customers over the years and had been working hard to reach the customers’ expectations.  

2.2 Brand

Singapore Airline is one of the most famous brands in the aviation industry around the world. The company has built itself as a luxury airline brand, Singapore Airline has a good reputation for its outstanding customer service, good air craft models, top technology, etc. Customers will naturally link ‘Singapore airline’ with ‘luxury’ and ‘promised quality’ (W. Smit& C. Dula, 2014).

2.3 Product

As a premium airline brand, Singapore Airline has always been devoted to providing the best flight experience to its customers. The product categories of Singapore Airlines involve food, internet, air telephones, air wifi, consuming goods, travel packages, and other customized products (J. Kraanen, 2015). The company offers many products which the competitors don’t have or much later than SIA, such as the satellite-based inflight telephones SIA launched in 1991.


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