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Principles of Marketing

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Principles of Marketing



Principles of Marketing

Marketing as a discipline performs important functions within any organization that makes use of it as a strategy to increase its sales. Marketing is a tool enhances effective information management within that organization in different ways. Some of the functions that marketing does within an organization include obtaining information. Through marketing, one obtains information about the customers, thus in a position of understanding where to appeal most to the customers if success is to come handy (Usui, 2008). Marketing also enables the business to manage the customers effectively as the business marketers will come to understand the most important needs that the customers require. As such, the management of the customers wants improves the level of decision making in the business. The marketing strategy also enables the business to acquire new customers. It is the delight of every business to make contacts with potential customers in its endeavors to achieve success.

Apart from the information management function of marketing, it is also important in making pricing decisions. Marketing enhances the setting of prices that are not exaggerated to the consumers. Service management is also a marketing function. In service management, marketing helps to design, develop, improve, and maintain how it acquires products and services that are important in meeting the consumer demands in the market. Marketing is also important in making product distribution decisions because it will help the business to identify the best places to place its stores or where there is need to distribute enough of its products. When it comes to the financing a business, marketing is an important tool because it will help to understand where most of the budget should go to in the process of trying to satisfy the consumers. Lastly, marketing helps in promotion and selling of goods and services to the consumers through effective communication with the potential consumers in the market (Usui, (2008).  

The goals of marketing in an organization are to enhance an increase in the level of sales within that organization. Equally, there is an anticipation that marketing will serve to elevate the image of the organization to the customers in many different ways. As such, all the activities that an organization decides to undertake from the marketing perspective serve to achieve the goal of increasing sales for the realization of high profits. The goals of marketing enhance the achievement of the expected outcomes because they govern all the marketing operations in the business organization. As such, they are important considerations in all marketing functions of businesses. Each business organization that aims to succeed in its marketing operations must strive to achieve its goals under whatever circumstances. This is because the goals govern the business in all dimensions that work towards the achievement of high levels of success within that business. All businesses must operate based on given goals that they draft to use in leading the organization to the expected direction. A failure to have goals is like just planning for the failure of a business because it will tend to operate without clear guidelines of the expected outcomes.


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