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Principles of Marketing Case

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          To put a product on the market there are proper channels the seller must go through in order to get the product to the end user. A marketing strategy is necessary if the product is going to be successful. A service, a physical thing, or an idea can be considered a product. To develop a marketing strategy a product has to be implemented. It is very important to select the right distribution type and the seller should decide what type of channel organization will be used whether it be horizontal, conventional, multi-channel or vertical marketing system. To determine what type of channel members will be used, the seller will have to analyze their target market’s needs. For a product to be successful these steps should be put in place. Marketing research is the process or set of processes that link the customers, consumers, and the end user to the market. Information is used to identify market opportunities and problems. The seller needs to monitor marketing performance, improve understanding of marketing as a process, generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions. Marketing research is the goal to identify and assess how changing element on the marketing mix impacts customer behavior.

          To put “Spring Bling” on the market the seller would need to use a direct distribution channel. Direct channels to the market are typically your salesforce and the seller is in control of the direct channels. Promotional strategies like television advertising, direct mail, and telemarketing are all direct marketing. Selling “Spring Bling” would be direct marketing because it is directly trying to impact the customer. “Spring Bling” could also be sold on the internet. “Spring Bling” is for everyone; young, old, girl, boy, even items for new born babies. With springtime approaching us and Easter is not too far away, now is a great time to introduce “Spring Bling” to the marketing industry. “Spring Bling” makes great gifts for everyone in the family including a variety of hair bows in many colors, necklaces, bracelets, socks, t shirts, hats, and so much more all decorated with “Spring Bling”. It started out as a hobby making hair bows with different colored ribbon with stones to match for children and now it is becoming a dream come true. People started asking about them, where they were bought, how many different colors, and how much they cost and now they are beginning to sell everywhere.

          It is important to get the product to the market place. There are two types of distribution channels to use to get the product to the market place; direct channel and indirect channel. Direct channel of distribution is when the product or service is sold directly to the customer, this type of distribution cuts out anyone in the middle. To put “Spring Bling” on the market the seller would need to use direct channel distribution. Indirect channel distribution is when businesses or companies do not sell their products directly to the customer and consumers.


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