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Medtronics Marketing Case Study

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Problem: Medtronics finds itself new challenges in marketing as they have to constantly better themselves in the market though they are the existing technological lead as the market is changing and growing rapidly. Medtronics also needs to constantly improve on their advanced models using new technology to keep up with market demands and market changes. Medtronics has to also figure out a way to enter into the developing countries with growing economies and population effectively considering altering the price and also manage to be profitable.

Recommendations: Medtronic being the technology lead currently has to always keep up in the position as the market is growing rapidly with a lot of competitors as they are very capable with substantial financial depth. Even though they are a generation ahead it is always better to keep advancing being in touch with the innovative technologies and the demands of the patients in different countries. The demands and technological advances can be reached by working a network of physicians and hospitals all around the world. The closer you are to problems will encourage Medtronic to bring in the solutions sooner. Medtronic's product records data within the patient's pacemaker which helps the doctor do all the necessary adjustments and enhances their understanding about the patient and the products response. This will help Medtronic work on their further studies about advancing in their technologies. Advancing the technology is not the only way to grow in the market, I would recommend they spend as many days as they work on manufacturing the product as given in the exhibits have to spend time in promoting the benefits of the product to be more profitable and not lose out on potential clients as they could not make them believe the product.

Medtronic has to expand into developing countries where there is a potential market with excess population and also a need for medical technology. Quality products are


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