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Marketing Case Study

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C. Objectives and Issues

1. Statement of marketing objective(s) (for first year only)

As we discussed, our weakness is it targets only the female segment. Our objective is to promote or target the segments in the year 2014. We will advertise male products on advertisements, internet etc to have them aware of our products.

2. Issues that may hinder marketing objectives

The issues that we can bump into is our competition. For example, Nivea has a extensive line for men care also. So in order to be on top we will have to promote Doves Men+ care products through promotions and advertising.

D. Marketing Strategy Recommendations

1. Positioning strategy

To busy, masculine, outdoorsy men who want healthy skin, our Dove Men + Care line is a moisturizing body wash with fragrance that will keep the skin feeling and looking comfortable, refreshed, and healthy.

2. Product/ Branding strategy

We will be a line extension from Men+ care. Dove Men+ Care will have a line of clean comfort, extra fresh, deep clean, odor guard, and clean defense body wash for example. We will promote these products to male segments and make them aware of the line extension we offer.

3. Pricing Strategy

The captive product pricing the micromoisture technology activates when its with Dove micro fiber cloth. The by-product pricing is selling any byproducts or lower quality to discount companies. Some ideas for product bundle pricing will be holiday bundles like 2-5 in a basket or using gift baskets with reusable packaging. The skimming prices will be to overcharge early experiments. And then the penetration pricing will be selling at a affordable price to everyone.

4. Distribution strategy

Dove Men+ Care has adapted to multi channel distribution system. Dove is known for their icon, theirs colors are dark gray and lime green font. First, we will sell directly to our consumers segment 1 using the internet, telemarketing and catalogs. Secondly, which reaches out to consumer segment 2 through retailers so Men Care line will attract them. They would be placed in the cosmetology section.

5. Marketing Communications Objectives

Our target audience will have males which could be in any of the six buyer-readiness stages. 1st is awareness and knowledge, our product needs to be known especially to the males. In order for that to happen we launched “with an aggressive roll-out in over thirty countries deliver over 120 million in sales: in 2010. Then we have the liking and preference. Our consumers like it because it provides freshness, rinses easily and cleanly, micromoisture when lathering and scent. Next is conviction,


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