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Google Marketing Case Study

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Executive summary


Google is a leading search engine. This report elaborates Google strategic management. Initially discussing more on how Google strategic management analysis. In analysis stage the various elements lime strategic formulation, strategic evaluation, and strategic implementation. Google strategic management mainly focusing on their growth towards technology implementations and their management styles Google strategic management.

In this report basically explains on strategic management process, the three stages information, Google contribution in strategic management process and its min compotators it also elaborated on business strategy, corporate strategy, Google market share, Google market structure, Google market size, Google market turnover, business revenue, Google business practical value, google organization structure no of employees, not of outlets globally etc In strategic analysis stage explains the importance of strategic management process and analysis and various components reflecting on Google business.

In further stage elaborated the internal and external environments of Google, the competitive environment effect on Google, and the various roles particularly influence the Google also tested internal analysis using strengths, weakness, threats, opportunities.. Similarly describe the PEST analysis and its information on Google organization. Finally describes strategic formulation particularly resource based approach, various theories, and Google internal growth, Google merge, Google venture, Google portfolio analysis etc.,

1. Introduction

Google strategic management and its business is fully depends on the various strategic management stages. In the strategic management involve four different stages that is strategic analysis, strategic formulation, strategic elevation, strategic implementation, In each stage it helps more on various elements how it will bring the Google business in a better position. I understand that strategic management process is a key process in any business to focus on the future developments (Stanley Charles,2006).

Any business growth is depends on their strategies and various objectives. The top management looking into achievement in each objective. Every objective has a specific goal to achieve the business growth. The strategies particularly understand the various influences internally and externally. In this concept the strategic management describes clearly all influences on business (Burack, Elmer H.,2008).

In case of strategic implementation stage particularly focusing on every process designs and developments, decisions at every stage. I understand that strategic implementations in every sector is very important to identify the various operations and functions. In strategic implementation the mangemt


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