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The Cliptomania Tm Web Store Overview Cliptomania, Cliptomania Case Study

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Upper CASE software is used for the analysis phase. It also aides in the creation of system diagrams and stores system

component information.

Lower CASE software is used for the design phase and creates diagrams and subsequently creates code for database

structure and system functionality.

Integrated CASE combines the functionality of both upper and lower CASE software.

Visio meets the upper CASE requirements because it has the ability to aide in the creation of a system diagrams. In

addition to meeting upper CASE requirements, Visio can be used to diagram for the design phase and has the ability to

create code for supported external applications. Visio combines both upper and lower functionality so by definition,

Visio is an integrated CASE tool.

would classify Visio as I-CASE. It is because Visio is used in both upper CASE and lower CASE definitions. It supports tasks that happens throughout the project. Starting with design to the final project report. The designs within visio are integrated with other MS Office products and can be compared and updated as the project moves through each phase.

Definition of CASE (Computer aided software engineering) – tools to help develop and maintain software.

Upper CASE – Tools for the analysis and design phase of the software development lifecycle (diagramming tools, report and form generators, and analysis tools)

Lower CASE - Tools to support data base schema generation, program generation, implementation, testing,


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