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Social Networking Sites for Society

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Social networking sites are a boon for society, we all can benefit from them if we have not already. The argument however, is that these sites are slowly taking over the common face to face communication as people feel more free to express themselves online. Most people are not people persons, meaning not everyone can get in front of someone and have a conversation without stuttering or mumbling over their words. By being able to type what you want to say through the internet this gives "shy" people a sense of comfort and security from the hateful outside world. Social networking sites can also serve as a aid to students in need of help. If students need help on things like research papers, they have the opportunity to use various search engines like Google, Bing, Ask Jeeves, and even Wikipedia. Through the use of video webcams, an emergence in social networking sights like oovoo, skype, and tokbox draw people's eagerness to talk to their friends on webcams. So hey, why not use them.

Do the words social networking sites ring a bell? How comfortable are you with millions of people around the world knowing your personal business? Well if you create a profile on any of the many social networking sites you are asked to enter your date of birth, age, gender, email address, and sometimes even your social

security number! That's pretty personal to me! PREDATORS are another common problem people using social networking sites might run into. Most people who create these sites could be older men or women trying to get close to younger children or teenagers. A bad side effect these sites might have on a person is laziness. Once your eyes hit the screen its hard to take them off. Your head is filled with the gossip and rumors that others put on these sites. According to an article in the New York times entitled " On Networking Sites, Learning How Not to Share" by Riva Richmond she explains the importance of keeping private pictures


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