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Social Networking Sites Are Making People Less Connected to Each Other

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Social Networking sites are making people less connected to each other!

A social networking site is basically a platform build to social relations among people who share common interest, hobbies, activities or any other connection. These are internet based websites and the interface is generally through emails or messengers. Over the years, the social networking sites have evolved and in the present form the most popular ones include Facebook, Tinder etc.

These sites were developed with the idea to assist people to connect with each other. However, if analysed deeply we would realize that instead it has only made us less connected. People have become addicted to these sites. According to Melnick 2011, the usage of these websites and text messages has increased significantly and has replaced real conversations to a large extent. The youth/teenagers prefer to face their computer screens rather than looking into eyes and chatting.

These so called networking sites instead of making people connected are actually making them more lonely and disconnected. Though, many of us also get false feeling of being highly connected (based on number of our online contacts).

The main reasons that can be attributed to social networking sites making people more disconnected would be:

  • Relationships are based on emotions and good communication. For effective communication, two people need to be together emotionally as well as physically. As per Orobosa Omede (2014), “Through social media people are able to communicate with one another all around the world, build relationships without actually seeing the person face to face. However, this form of communication may seem convenient, yet it is the leading reason for desensitized relationships.”

It is always a good idea to meet people in real and interact face to face. This not only help a person to understand things more clearly, it also help two people in developing trust amongst each other.


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