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Online Social Network

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Online Social Network

It is becoming more difficult for people to communicate face to face because technology has created an increasing number of ways to communicate quickly over great distances. People are so used to using these devices like social network "Facebook", e-mail, and texting that they are losing the skills and abilities to communicate face to face. One of the negative effects on face to face communication from social networking is the danger of maintaining the existence of meaningful communications and personal professional relationship. If you become overly dependent on e-mail or text messages, you focus on the object, but not the person. As a result, you become uncomfortable communicating face to face. (2011, Hanke Stacey). The Human element is absent from you communication. The sender cannot effectively project the elements of trust, confidence, credibility, and concern that are crucial to developing and building a relationship.You can only achieve this with face to face communication.

In the space of less than a decade, Facebook and other social networking sites have become an indelible, ubiquitous – and, according to some, indispensible – part of contemporary culture. This is not only so in the prosperous west; indeed, much of the rest of the world has become enamored with this relatively new development in communication.(Buchanan, 2011). Facebook and other social networks have become imbedded everywhere as part of contemporary culture not only in the western world but globally. Theses social site have become great social and cultural influence. The influence has shaped and is shaping or relationship, how we interact and how we view the world. These changes have beneficial effects on the way we live. From a functionalist point of view, the increased capacity for network building, (more work) and the development of global friendship groups which also supported the


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