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Utilizing online Social Networks

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Utilizing Online Social Networks

Social networking is far from a new idea, but as technology advances so do the benefits of using this type of networking. A site called LinkedIn gives professionals an opportunity to network with others in similar fields, or those in other organizations a person may have an interest in. This type of social network allows people in the professional community to stay connected. There are also many other new technologies that are now available which allow a person to manage their professional and business contacts.

In the past, the easiest way to communicate with someone if not in person was to send a letter via the United States Postal Service or call someone on the telephone. When the internet was developed and people were given the ability to communicate online, effective communication became faster and easier. Web sites such as LinkedIn allow members to make connections with other people and organizations. The site keeps your list of contact details of each of the people in your social network. A member of LinkedIn can send an invitation to any one they choose to become a connection. Staying connected with your own professional connections and community using this social network allows a person to not only have their own direct connections but also the following: mutual contacts, job opportunities in a desired field, to be introduced to others you may want to come in contact with, find people, and find other business opportunities and connections.

LinkedIn and other social networking sites also allow employers and organizations to find potential candidates for open positions they are seeking to fill. Also, an actual job seeker has the ability to search and review the profiles of organizations they are interested in working with. They can find out when they are hiring, and see if they have a connection that is able to introduce them. A person can also “stay connected by following organizations and receiving notifications about open job opportunities" (LinkedIn Coporation, 2011).

LinkedIn can assist human service professionals with staying connected by, first and foremost, adding people you already know to your list of contacts. When joining LinkedIn, you can “import” friends from any email accounts you have, as well as adding contacts from other social networking sites. The ability is there to either build an online profile or create a more professional identity; when searching for a person, their professional identity will appear first. LinkedIn also assists when you are looking for a specific individual in a certain organization, or if you want to find out what position a person holds in the organization they are associated with. How to Use LinkedIn (2011) also mentions that LinkedIn can be used to stay connected by “approaching other professionals through emails”. Any ties a person has to the community will also help them in being able


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