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An Investigation on the Effectiveness of Social Network Advertising on the Internet Users

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This study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of social networks advertising on the Internet users. Social networks, such as Facebook and Myspace have witnessed a rapid growth in their membership. These huge human networks can have significant impact on the success of these companies as well as provide a unique new marketing opportunity for traditional companies. This study was conducted to find out how effective this form of advertising is and what can be done to make it more attractive. In this way, a total of 50 UTM student and also social networks users were respondents of this research. A set of questionnaire was designed to obtain respondents’ ideas about social networks advertising as primary data. The overall findings of the study illustrate that although most of the users thought social network advertising is useful and effective similar to other form of advertisings, they thought advertisements are disturbing. As a result, some suggestions have been given to make social networks advertising more effective and attractive. It is recommended that further studies be carried out on this issue by investigating some other companies that use social networks advertising to find out owners of businesses’ ideas about this form of advertising.


In the name of God the merciful and the compassionate

This investigation would not have been possible without the tremendous support and help of our English lecturer Mr.Shamshul Helmy Zambahari (Mr.Sham) English Lecturer UTMSPACE, KL International Campus UTM. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to him for the valuable guidance and advice. Besides, we would like to thank the authority of University Technology of Malaysia (UTM) for providing us with a good environment and facilities to complete this study. In addition, we are grateful for Malaysian students of UTM who co-operated us by answering the questionnaires. Finally, we would like to thank our classmates and friends for encouraging on us in completing this research. Without their helps, we would have faced many difficulties while doing this research project.


SN: Social Network

SNSs: Social Network Sits

UTM: University Technology of Malaysia


1.1 Background of the Study

Social network advertising is a new form of online advertising that focused on social networks. Social network advertising is a form of advertising that systematically leverages offline advertising by friend recommendations, and


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