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Social Networking Case

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Social networking is everywhere, almost everyone does something everyday that involves social

networking. To most people social networking is a burden, but to me social networking is a gift. Social

networking gives me the opportunity to communicate with family members who I would not be able to

communicate with regularly. Social networking is so important because without it I would not have been able

to keep connected with my soldiers while they were overseas serving our country. Also social networking

has helped me through many rough times because I had the support of my family and friends with just the

click of a mouse. Without social media I am not sure how I would have made it through the last four years of

my life.

Communication thrives off of social media, if it were not for Facebook and MSN I would not be as

close to my family members as I am today. Social media give people who live large distances from each

other the opportunity to communicate and stay connected with each other. I know this from experience

especially because I had an uncle who was deployed in Desert Storm and the Iraq wars. Every single

Sunday at eight a.m., my family and I would get on MSN live chat and we would group chat with my uncle.

The feeling of relief that overwhelmed all of us when we would talk to him and know that everything was okay

and that he was okay. It was extremely hard on Christmas because he was not there and we are such a

close knit family. But thanks to social media and the ability to video chat we set l a video chat in the living

room so that we could all be together. It was very hard to look outside and see the blistering snow and to

smell the sweet apple pie in the oven cooking, and then seeing my uncle as he is sitting in a tan temporary

tent with a sand floor and knowing that it was 100 degrees out. But there was this sense of relief to be able

to see his smiling face. Social media made that Christmas dream a reality.

Social media also helped me get through another hard time in my life, when my friend Tyler was

deployed to Afghanistan for nine months. This tour was almost as hard as when my uncle was in Iraq. Tyler

and I worked out a deal


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