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Social Networking

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Internet Use

The use of the internet and social networking in the workplace has grown substantially over last few decades. This is in part because of the new web-based technology that is used for work and its related activities. In 200, a survey was completed of individuals who used the internet at work and based on a response 61 percent had some use of the internet at work, spending an average of about seven hours a week online at work (Skeels, M., Grudin, J, 2009). An average of about 91 percent of today's businesses has internet access.

Since internet usage has grown, individuals are now using the internet in various ways. Technologies such as social networking sites (Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook), blog sites and other innovations which create interactivity gives users a grand dialogue among others. Using the internet is very prominent as well as Facebook which is second only to Google web search engine as stated in Alexa internet rankings (Skeels, M., Grudin, J, 2009). Next in line comes YouTube in regards to the users it has and the high traffic volume that it boasts.

Defined are a few social networking sites that are used in the workplace by its employees on a daily basis. Facebook which is a social networking site that allows its users to create personal profiles, add users as friends, exchange messages and individuals can join a host of groups that spark interaction. Twitter is basically micro blogging which enables the users to read and send publicly viewed messages called tweets. These tweets are text-based and are displayed on the page of the individual. LinkedIn is essentially a business related social networking site that is used mainly for the professionals (Carr, N., 2009). Connections which are a list of people with relationships to some degree with the individuals are kept to be used in building a contact network. This is then used to follow companies, find jobs, people or businesses. MySpace in an online community of personal profiles of users which include photos, information and blogs. Users contact others using messaging within the social community. You Tube which is a video website in which users share, upload and view videos. The popularity of the videos as generated a variety of film, TV clips, and amateur videos in which other users can leave messages to be viewed by others (Skeels, M., Grudin, J, 2009). Wikipedia is a montage of articles which have been written by volunteers from all parts of the country which can be edited by any visitor.

In the workplace the above social networking sites are responsible for many individuals including management and higher level employees using such sites. In a survey more than 85 percent of individuals used emails and had access to social networking sites and considered them to be a Second Life for some users (Carr, N., 2009). These social networking sites were affecting the workplace in very high


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