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Information Technology - Role of Social Networking Cites in Cyber Bullying

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Information technology is a boon, but if misused can become a bane." - Bullying and pinning others down to prove one powerful has existed for a long time in schools and colleges. This has also been seen in offices and at workplace in some form or other. These practices have off late extended to the cyber medium as well. Statistics have shown a sharp increase in the number of cases of cyber bullying. Computers and information technology, along with social networking, have made it extremely easy for people to comment on others and post pictures or nasty statements about anybody they want to. This information or communication reaches a lot many people at a click of a button (, 2010).

Role of social networking cites in cyber bullying

Cyber bullying refers to the process of troubling and bullying people on social networking sites and other communication tools and technologies including text messages and phone calls apart from e-mails. It may be in the form of sarcastic comments or making fun of someone and leading to treatment without respect which is unacceptable. It leads to an unwanted social nuisance and creates fears among the victims who may then start feeling embarrassed and have problems in socializing (Wild, 2010).

In this way cyber bullying is an absolute misuse of information technology. It is greatly affecting the environment at schools and colleges. In spite of it being a good source of networking, misusing the internet and computers as well as information technology can cause a lot of damage. Threats, rumors and sarcasm are rampant on the cyber sources (Wild, 2010). It would not be right to blame or hold social networking sites responsible for any kind of misbehavior as people did misbehave even before the existence of social networking sites. Yet, it is very important that laws and rules are established and implemented in order to ensure that social networking sites do not become


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